2009: 143. The Unfinished Clue

“It was apparent to Miss Fawcett within one minute of her arrival at the Grange that her host was not in the best of tempers.”

The Unfinished Clue, Georgette Heyer

      Heyer writes (or maybe wrote - I’m pretty sure she’s no longer with us) a lot of books, and most are Regency type novels.  She has a pretty rabid following on the internet, and I’m told her novels are comforting, and wickedly addictive.  So when I saw one for sale in my favorite used book sale, I thought why not?  

     The Unfinished Clue isn’t a Regency romance, but instead is a 1930’s mystery (which when you think about it, is probably a better entry for me, anyway, since that’s pretty squarely in my wheelhouse).  It’s a classic mystery - murder in a large country house, with a number of suspects who could have dunnit and a nice unlikeable victim.* The mystery isn’t earth shattering (I guessed why it happened but had pinned it on the wrong suspect), but the characters are fun, and there is a nice little love story (all your best murder mysteries have a nice little love story), and all in all, I found it to be a blast, and would totally read more Heyer.  Especially when I’m seeking literary comfort food!

*This is classic 1930’s murder mystery - wouldn’t want you to feel too bad for the victim.  However, if you are going to write a murder mystery where multiple suspects want to kill someone, I guess they need to be unlikeable, so as a trope it makes some sense. 

Date/Place Completed:  October 2009; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction

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