2009: 147. 5 Minute Mysteries

“Winding up the French Case was like telling time without a clock.  There was so little to go by.”

5 Minute Mysteries: Cases from the Files of Ed Noon, Private Eye, Michael Avallone

       This book is so slight and goofy that I almost didn’t blog about it (and, in fact, I read in back in August, and it’s just been sitting on my “to be blogged about” pile since then.).  But as I power through the end of year blogging (I am 13! books behind), I found myself thinking a little fondly about this trifle, so here it is, for your blogging pleasure.  

        Basically, what we have here is your 5 minute mystery type book - you read the story, then there’s a little solution at the end.  Donald Sobol (of Encyclopedia Brown fame) wrote a whole bunch of these, which I had as a kid.  They’re not books so much as parlor games.  This one is written by Michael Avallone, and stars Ed Noon, who the internet tells me was a prolific (extremely prolific) writer of pulp mysteries in the 1960’s (also, he was one of 17 children.  Can you imagine? His poor mother!).  The only reason to read it (and you know, I wouldn’t seek it out or anything, but if you ran across it somewhere) is that Avallone goes nuts with the pulpy noir-y dialogue and details.  Dames and thugs and tough guys, all written in a snappy patter that is so over the top that its sort of fabulous.  As I said, this is barely a book, but if you are amused by tough guy pastiche, you’d be amused by this.

Date/Place Completed: August 2009; Maine

Categories: Fiction

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