2009: 153. The Friday Night Knitting Club

"Choosing your wool is dizzying with potential: The waves of colors and textures tempt with visions of a sweater or cap (all all the accompanying complements you hope to receive) but don’t reveal the hard work required to get there.”

The Friday Night Knitting Club, Kate Jacobs

     I do not even know where this book came from (maybe a yard sale?), but it came up on my commuting book route, and I figured, why not - I was in the mood for something a bit light, after the Spanish Civil War.  This is basically chick lit, and not of the “oh that’s a label we put on books written by women type,” but rather straight up chick lit.  It is the story of Georgia Walker, a single mom who runs a knitting shop in Manhattan, and the lives of the women who are in the shop - her patron, her daughter, her knitting club.  It’s not a great book (you can see the seams on the plot, the love story seems like wish fulfillment of the utmost kind, etc., and it’s pretty ham handed in its characterizations, too - the characters never seemed like people, just archetypes), but you know what? I read the whole thing and (SPOILER), I cried at bits, and I would read a sequel (though I’d be embarrassed about it). This is not literature, but it’s harmless enough, and I wish Kate Jacobs the best in her endeavors.  

Date/Place Completed:  December 2009; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction, Commuting Book

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