2009: 158. Slam

“So things were ticking along quite nicely.  In fact, I’d say that good stuff had been happening pretty solidly for about six months.”

Slam, Nick Hornby

            Oh my goodness, I somehow took a month hiatus from blogging.  Whoops.  Anyway, I haven’t abandoned this blog, just lost track of time, and I’ve certainly kept on reading, so lets wrap up 2009 and move on to 2010.

            Slam is Nick Hornby’s foray into the world of young adult literature, although I don’t really see any distinction between this and his other works, except for the fact that the protagonist is a teenager (and as for that, so was Marcus in About A Boy).  But whether or not it’s a young adult book, I do think it’s a great read.  I’m a Hornby fan, and this is as good as anything he’s written, in my opinion.  

          The premise perhaps sounds a bit dodgy, because this is a story about teen pregnancy, told from the perspective of the teen father.  Which first, you might think is going to be unbearably preachy, and second, you might think, well, really, the father? Oh, boo-hoo.  Wrong on both counts.  The story is not one bit preachy, and Hornby shows you how hard a mistake can be on both parties - in no way discounting what a teen mother deals with, he shows how devastating it can be for a young dad.  And does it all in a way that is charming and funny, and absolutely real.  In fact, I want to throw this book in the hands of every young man I know, including my own son one day.  

Date/Place Completed:  December 2010; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction

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