2009: 51. Murder Being Once Done

“When Wexford came downstairs in the morning his nephew had already left for work, and the women, with the fiendish gusto of amateur dieticians, were preparing a convalescent’s breakfast.”

Murder Being Once Done, Ruth Rendell

Inspector Wexford’s bad habits have caught up with him, and he has suffered a heart attack.  Doctor’s orders are no alcohol, no rich food, and most of all no police work.  So he goes off to London to stay with his nephew, and sulks as his wife and niece baby him.  To make matters worse, his nephew is a commander of the local police, who won’t even condescend to chat shop with his provincial nephew (or so Wexford thinks, at least).  When a baffling murder occurs, and a young girl is found dead in a creepy Victorian cemetery, Wexford decides to so some sleuthing on his own and show that he has some tricks left up his sleeve.

I really enjoyed this mystery - for whatever reason, though its one of the earlier Wexford novels, it isn’t dated at all, even though it touches on such topics as adoption, and young girls living on their own and all that jazz.  Moreover, the plot about Wexford’s nose being out of joint was fun, and I (SPOILER) enjoyed that he he was such a big baby that he totally misread the situation with his nephew.  


Date/Place Completed: April 2009; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Ruth Rendell Project

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