2009: 6. Flight

"Call me Zits.  

Everyone calls me Zits. That’s not my real name, of course.  My real name isn’t important."

Flight, Sherman Alexie

Flight is a short, direct and unsubtle novel, but nonetheless a powerful one.  It reads more like YA to me than like an adult novel , but that has more to do with my complete inability to understand what gets shelved where - why are some novels with teens considered adult books and some juvenile fiction (and then Alexie went and wrote a YA novel which won the National Book Award, so there you have it)??  Anyway, Flight tells the story of Zits, a young half Indian - half Irish young man whose mother died when he was young and who never knew his father.  He has been in and out of foster care, and is angry at the world.  He falls in with a charismatic man he meets in prison who is essentially a domestic terrorist, and decides to join his cause.  On the day he holds up a bank (and commits murder therein and too late realizes he has ruined his life), however, he suddenly blacks out only to find himself in the body of an FBI agent who is about to commit a raid on Indian land.  From there he drifts through a number of other personas before he comes back to himself.  So, speculative fiction, and a book with a message - seriously, a great book for teens, especially teenage boys.  As an adult, I found it a bit heavy handed - I liked the different characters Zits inhabited, but the lessons he learned seemed less than earth shattering (we all have feelings too! violence is not the answer! People are complicated!).  I maybe would rather have read a bunch of short stories from different viewpoints, and figured out the message myself, rather than have Zits explain it all to me...

Date/Place Completed:  1/10/09; D.C

Categories: Fiction; Librar

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