2009: 67. Dramarama

"Transcript of a microcassette recording:

Demi: Is it on?

Sadye: That red light is supposed to glow."

Dramarama, E. Lockhart

       This young adult novel is interesting because, instead of being about the typical young adult novel topic of falling in luv*, it’s about friendship, and what happens when it falls apart.  I like that aspect of the novel quite a bit, even as I was sort of depressed when the aforementioned falling apart was happening.  And it’s also about not being as great as you think you are, and dealing with that sort of disappointment, which, ditto (i.e., I appreciate the subject matter, even as I found the book a little depressing to read about).

      Anyway, the book is about Demi and Sadye** the two most fabulous members of their high school who apply for and are accepted to a prestigious theater camp for the summer.  While Demi is an instant star, Sadye’s has a much tougher time and the book examines how their summer changes their friendships and their lives.  The emotions were real - enough so that my first take was that I didn’t like the book much, because I empathized so much with Sadye that it made me uncomfortable to read about her woes.  

       The other things I liked about the book were the way it totally captured the atmosphere of DRAMA kids - the divas, the gay straight alliance (Sadye and Demi being but only one example), the way the few straight guys are the worshipped, and all the hothouse atmosphere of that clique.  I was only ever on the very fringe of that scene, but I recognize it, and E. Lockhart captures it perfectly.  I’d only recommend the book to someone who either loves YA, or was (or knew) a drama llama herself, but if you are either of those people you’d like this.

*Though there is some of that, too.

** The name is her own invention.

Date/Place Completed:  April 2009

Categories:  Fiction, YA

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