2009: 70. Collected Stories

“The incident happened in the spring after his sixth birthday.  His mother always referred to it as ‘that general evening’, and always is no exaggerations.” 

~ First line of “The Fallen Curtain”

Collected Stories, Ruth Rendell

This collection encompasses four volumes of Rendell’s short stories, The Fallen Curtain, Means of Evil, The Fever Tree, and The New Girlfriend.  I enjoyed it - I think that Rendell does very well with short stories, as the things that I don’t like about many of her books (the tendency to write dreadfully nasty characters that are tough to empathize with or connect to in the context of a long novel, which makes for good killers, but sometimes tough reads) are missing in the short story format.  I much prefer my nasty people in short bursts than over a hundreds of pages.  And thus I enjoyed the heck out of this book.  The stories were varied, and ranged from straight up murder mysteries to more suspense stories/Barbara Vine-ish psychological stories.  I recommend the Collected Stories* highly.

*And, it strikes me there might now be a Collected Stories II now - this collection covers older books! I’ll have to seek it out (or rather, would have to even if I wasn’t planning on reading all the books)

Date/Place Completed: May 2009; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Ruth Rendell Project

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