2009: 71. Howl’s Moving Castle

“In the land of Ingary, where such things as seven league boots and cloaks of invisibility really exist, it is quite a misfortune to be born the eldest of three.”

Howl’s Moving Castle, Diana Wynne Jones

Jones is one of those young adult authors that I didn’t read when *I* was a young person, but that I often see people raving about as an adult, on the internet or wherever.  And, of course, I saw the wonderful Miyazaki movie, which just made me more eager to read the book - I was certain that I’d adore it.  So, in that sense, this book was a disappointment.  Oh, it was fine, but I expected so much more.  Quite frankly, while this is a longish YA book, I thought that it was sort of perfunctory.  The plot is slightly different from the movie and I not only thought the movie plot was actually better - a thing I am not prone to say.  Mostly, I thought that there was so much that happened, and that they happened too fast - that there were wonderful elements to the plot, but that under the circumstances I didn’t get into them enough, because they were handled more shallowly then I’d like.  Maybe I’m spoiled by deep seven volume world’s like Harry Potter - or maybe I’d get more out of this if I read the other stories in the series (I gather there are a few more books with these characters). 

I have to say, that while I didn’t love the books, I did like them - I appreciated how clever parts of the plot were (like how Sophie, as the oldest daughter in a magical kingdom, didn’t expect that she’d have any adventures, because only youngest children have adventures!), and the characters were fun - so I think I had over high expectations.

Date/Place Completed: June 2009; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction, Young Adult

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