2009: 74. Street Gang

“Joan Ganz Cooney walked toward the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 112th Street, lost in a fog of grief.”

Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street,  Michael David

I was disappointed by Street Gang. It is exactly in my wheelhouse - pop culture non-fiction book, about Sesame Street (and by extension, the Muppets), a topic that is extremely near and dear to this born in 1978 heart.  And while I was absolutely interested in the topic, and thought the book was well-researched and written, I was left unsatisfied.  The reason is, I think, I was left wanting to know much more about the creative aspects of Sesame Street the show, and less about how it was funded and found its way to the air.  In fact, while this is called “the complete” history, I felt like the book could have been much longer and more authoritative, and told us more about the history of the creative decisions beyond the making of Sesame Street.  But maybe only a few people would be interested in that.  If you are interested in the broader question of how a program like this ever got to be on the air, on the very notion of educational children’s television, or the lives of the very remarkable people who made Sesame Street a reality, this is a pretty good story.  But I can’t help but think David took on too much and dealt with it all a bit too glancingly.

Date/Place Completed: May, 2009; D.C.

Categories:  Non-Fiction, Library Book

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