2009: 75. Road Rage

“Wexford was walking in Framhurst Great Wood for the last time.  That was how he put it to himself.”

Road Rage, Ruth Rendell

I actually started reading this book a long while ago, and stopped, because there is a plot point at the beginning that made me so nervous that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy reading it.*  So I put it down, and only picked up as part of my Rendell project re-read (which, alas, I am temporarily at an end of, because I have read - though not blogged about - all the Rendell I have at hand, and need to get more!).   But I am glad that I did, because once I steeled my nerve, I really enjoyed reading the book.  It’s a Wexford novel, and it’s about a kidnapping, which seems to be by ecoterrorists, who are upset about a planned bypass that is coming to Kingsmarkham.  Wexford needs to deal with the hundreds of protestors, and to solve the hostage crisis, which has hit extremely close to home.  It’s fun to read a mystery that isn’t (at least at first) a plain old murder - the hostage aspect adds some urgency (though, full disclosure, I snuck ahead to the end to make sure that it all turned out ok. Wimp, I know).

*SPOILER - when Mrs. Wexford got kidnapped. I was too nervous there would be a sad ending for some reason - possibly because I was about 8 months pregnant at the time, but perhaps because Rendell is a known to write about a psychopath or two, so I don’t really feel like any of her characters are safe!

Date/Place Completed: June 2009; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Ruth Rendell Project

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