2009: 78. The Mousetrap & Others Plays 

“And according to Scotland Yard, the crime took place at twnty-four Culvert Street, Paddington”

~ First line of “The Moustrap”

The Mousetrap & Other Plays, Agatha Christie

This is a collection of plays written by Christie, most of which are based on stories I’ve read in other forms - The Mousetrap, Ten Little Indians, Appointment With Death, The Hollow, Witness for the Prosecution, Towards Zero, Go Back For Murder (which is a version of Five Little Pigs), and one, called Verdict, which was new to me.* Yet despite my familiarity with the stories, I quite enjoyed reading the plays, because it was extremely interesting to see the ways in which the stories were changed for the stage (for example, at least three of these are Hercule Poirot novels, but Poirot is no where to be seen in the plays!).  I think you might have to be a Christie fan to really enjoy reading this book, but I was left with the impression that it would be pretty fun to watch one of these plays, even if they are a little bit creaky - they don’t seem like just novels put on stage, but have a nice theatrical flair.  And, of course, the Mousetrap is a famous for being the longest running show of all time...

*It’s not really clear to me which came first in each instance, but I for one read all the novels first...

Date/Place Completed: June 2009; D.C.

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