2009: 88. On Royalty

“As citizens of a nation which calls itself the world’s greatest democracy, what other response can Americans have to an institution as primative as monarchy?”

On Royalty, Jeremy Paxman

This is sort of an odd book that I picked up at the library on a whim - it’s an essay, by a nice and snarky English journalist, about Royalty (hence the title).  Paxman examines the notion of royalty from all angles, and addresses the question of why such an antiquated concept still exists in this modern world.*  I am no royalist, but I really enjoyed the book, mostly because it’s filled with outrageous and gossipy anecdotes about royalty throughout the ages, and I love little gossipy historic anecdotes.  I don’t think this book has any real historical value, but it’s well written and sly and if you have any interest in non-fiction books like that, you would like this one.

*his conclusion seems to be, there is no purpose but Britain is stuck with them, because no one wants to get rid of them.

Date/Place Completed:  June 2009; D.C.

Categories: Non-Fiction; Library Book

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