2009: 92. In Her Shoes

“Baby,” groaned the guy - Ted? Tad? - something like that - and crushed his lips on the side of her neck, shoving her face against the wall of the toilet seat.”

In Her Shoes, Jennifer Weiner

      So, this is a bit of cognitive dissonance - you can’t get much further from The Great War and Modern Memory to In Her Shoes.  Or rather, you can’t and still retain even a modicum of quality.  This novel is right on the edge of chick lit - it is certainly marketed that way (pink shoes on the cover and all), but I think it falls squarely on the “real” fiction side - and even if it isn’t a National Book Circle Critics Award for Literary Criticism, this is a ripping good read, and I am already on the record as appreciating a book that is both a total page turner, and written in the kind of prose that doesn’t make me cringe.*

        It is the story of two sisters, Rose, the uptight overweight brainy one, and Maggie, the beautiful flaky one, and yes, that’s un peu cliche, but the book manages to make them seem real as they both try to figure out their lives, and their relationships with each other and with their mother (dead too young).  If the plot occasionally seems bit “only would happen in a book”, the emotions are authentic, and Weiner captures so well how family can both enrage us and be our solace, and I just enjoyed the heck out of this.  And then after you read it, you can watch the movie, which didn’t make much of a splash when it came out, but is a pretty good film, actually.  

*As an aside, I think that’s why I read so much mystery fiction, which tends to be both well written, and not too taxing, making it the perfect way to relax.  This book falls in that category for sure.

Date/Place Completed:  July 2009; D.C.

Categories: Fiction 

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