2009: 95. Foundation

“His name was Gaal Dornick and he was just a country boy who had never seen Trantor before.”

Foundation, Isaac Asimov

       It is well documented on the pages of this blog, that I have an ambiguous relationship with science fiction, particularly with post-apocalyptic stories (but I am too lazy to link to prove it).  So, I was really pleasantly surprised by Foundation (which I may have read in high school, but had literally no memory of any aspect of the plot).  Although it is set in a far future, and does concern the collapse of civilization, I really felt that the sci-fi, though nice and futuristic, was just a cover for what really was a story about politics, and people and how the science of “psychohistory” was used by one genius, Hari Seldon, to predict human nature and try to reduce the coming dark ages from thirty thousand to one thousand years.  The novel starts with this set up, and then goes along history, showing how, at various times in history, his long slow plan unfolded.  It was, thus really more about human nature than aliens and technology, and so I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, and even look forward to reading Second Foundation, when I role back around to the A shelf in my commuting reading!

Date/Place Completed:  August 2009, D.C.

Categories:  Fiction; Commuting Book

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