2010: 107. The Sunday Philosophy Club

"Isabel Dalhousie saw the young man fall from the edge of the upper circle, from the gods."

The Sunday Philosophy Club, Alexander McCall Smith

         Another series from the author of the Number One Ladies Detective Agency Books.  This one is set in Edinburgh, and features a white woman detective, so it doesn’t have the racial issues that made me a little squidgy about his other series, but it also lacks the charm of those books.  Like his other series, the mystery seems to take a back seat to general ethical issues and characters, but in the first novel, at least, the characters didn’t grab me the way that Precious Ramotse does.  And, maybe this is petty, but if you call a novel “The Sunday Philosophy Club” and refer to a Sunday Philosophy Club that is too busy to get together repeatedly throughout the book, pardon me, but I expect the club to play some role - or at least a new to club to form, or something.  It’s like he came up with a title, and then had to jam it into the book somehow.  Grrr.

         That having been said, Smith has a nice easy style, and his books go down pretty smoothly.  I’m not going to run out and grab another Dalhousie book, but I’d probably read another one if, like, it was at my mom’s house, or a yard sale, or something.

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