2010. 108. Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft

“Mrs. Locke?

Sam Lesser.

Mister Locke was my guidance counselor last year.”

Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft, Joe Hill

       Another graphic novel that my library only has the first volume of, alas.  This one is good enough that I might actually break my habit and buy the next volume, because Hill (who I am already a fan of) has written such a interesting  story that I am dying to know what happens next, darn it.

      The story opens with a horrible murder (the Mr. Locke referred to above), and in the wake of the death, the man’s three children and his wife move to Lovecraft, Massachusetts, to the Locke family’s ancestral home to try to recover from their loss.  Unfortunately, the house is more than a family seat - it is a spooky and mysterious mansion, which has magical secrets (most of which revolve around magical keys, hence the title).   The thing is, I am a super sucker for mysterious houses, and the fact that Hill can actually write, and makes you care about the characters, not just the cool plot is icing on the cake.  Must seek out the rest of the series.

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