2010: 115. Invisible Boy

"So here's what I love about New York City: if someone acts like a dumb asshole and you call them on acting like a dumb asshole, the bystanders are happy about it."

Invisible Boy, Cornelia Reed

      This is a mystery novel, with a sassy ex-debutante at its center - she comes from a “good family” but has no money and, while she and her rag tag bunch of friends are trying to make a living in 1990’s New York, she gets involved with a crime.  I guess its the second or third mystery in the series - but maybe the first set in New York? The others were upstate, I think, or at least context clues in the story suggested as much.  Anyways, I liked it well enough - the mystery was sort of secondary to the detective (whose name I have actually forgotten, and I returned the book to the library) and her life - both her reaction to the crime - the death of a small boy, and her dealing with her high life friends.  That’s not a slam on the book - what I liked best about it was how outraged she was about the child’s death and sad life, but it was sort strange.  There was the whole subplot about her friend who was going off the rails, and as far as I can see, it just ended.  Maybe it’s supposed to be a commentary that even rich people aren’t happy? Or maybe the next book is going to be about her friend’s SPOILER death? (Oddly, I remember the friend’s name - Astrid).  Anyway, despite the quibbles, I’d read more in the series. I won’t run out to do it, but I might get another one out of the library at least. 

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