2010: 116. The Replacement

"I don't remember any of the true, important parts, but there's this dream I have."

The Replacement, Brenna Yovanoff

          This is a nicely creepy young adult book about the small midwestern town of Gentry.  Unlike the other towns nearby, it hasn’t suffered economic depression - the factories stay open, the jobs remain, and it is a perfectly nice place to live.  Well, if you are willing to ignore the fact that every seven years, or so, a child goes missing, and is, well, replaced.  And then the replacement dies, and the town continues on...

          Our narrator is Mackie, a teenage boy who wants nothing more than to convince everyone he is normal.  But Mackie isn’t normal - he’s a replacement, one that some how lived.  And sure, he can’t touch iron, or be near blood, or step onto sacred ground (especially tricky when your father is a preacher), but Mackie is just doing his best.  Until the day that another child goes missing, and Mackie is forced to examine what is going on in Gentry, and to face up to what he really is.

         The best part of the novel was the creepy atmosphere, which managed to be both spooky and realistic.  We are obviously dealing in the realm of changlings and the faery, and the evil that men will do in order to have peace.  And Mackie is a great character - struggling with his place in the world, and, eventually, willing to take on the corrupt system, even though he himself is of both world.  I think this would be a great novel to read on Halloween, or on a dark and stormy night.  And check out that cover - how great is THAT?

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