2010: 119. Miracle and Other Christmas Stories

“There was a Christmas tree in the lobby when Lauren got to work, and the receptionist was sitting with her chin in her hand, watching the security monitor.”

First line of “Miracle”

Miracle and Other Christmas Stories, Connie Willis

         Oh, I cannot believe how long it has been since I have blogged.  It’s February, and I’m still not done with 2010!  If one baby eats up your life, two babies are even worse.  But, as always, if I’m not blogging, I’m still reading, so I’ll try to power through the last three books of 2010, and my 2010 wrap up, and then try to start tackling the 2011 backlog.  I guess I should just accept that I’ll never catch up, and move on!  

        Anyway.  This is a Christmas themed short story collection by Connie Willis that I read because I was on a little Willis kick, and because, well, back when I read this it was Christmas season.  Honestly, it’s sort of a stupid collection - and I knew that, because this was a re-read, so I’m not really sure what possessed me.  Even in the short story format we see the most annoying feature of Willis’s writing - people running around in circles and not getting things done.  It’s like, she has the really great ideas (time travel, Christmassy themed stories (like, oh, aliens are taking over our brains and making us nicer, just to name one)), but she can’t figure out what to do with them, so people just dash about, missing connections and running around, until they stop and it all comes together.  It’s a shame - her ideas are so good (and her writing is pretty good too), that I keep reading her books, but then getting annoyed by her ticks.  Still, I’d probably read more of her stuff (and indeed, did - watch this space for another Willis coming soon).  But I wouldn’t recommend this book - beyond the Willisness of it all, the stories, being Christmas stories, are generally sort of cheesy. You know, the real Mary and Joseph! Santa! A rip off of the Christmas Carol!  You’d need to be a SUPER fan to enjoy this one.

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