2010: 14. The Life of Graham Greene Vol. III

“Because Graham Greene’s wide-ranging life spanned most of the twentieth century, I found I was writing not only his story, but our history as well.”

The Life of Graham Greene: Vol. III, 1955-1991, Norman Sherry

    I don’t have much to say about Vol. III that is different that what I said about Vols. I & II (especially four months after I finished the darned thing).  I still think its a reasonably well written literary biography - though too long, and part of me would like to read a shorter, more insightful study of Greene’s character (yes, even after having of read thousands of pages about him). I feel like I understand a lot about what happened to him, but not enough about who he was in all his contradictions - Catholic and non-believer, liberal and friend to dictator, lover and breaker of hearts.  But maybe, instead, what I really want to do is read (and re-read) the man himself.  I think the future of this blog, such as it is at the rate I am going, will involved a Graham Greene project once I finish Evelyn Waugh - there is a lot going on with Greene the man and Greene the author, and I’d like to grapple with him and his works some more.   And in that sense, I have to say that the biography is a success, because it left me more interested than the author than when I started, lo those many months ago (seriously! THOUSANDS of pages).

Date/Place Completed:  February 2010, D.C.

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