2010: 15. Not in the Flesh

“Tom Belbury died in May and now that summer was over his brother missed him more than ever.”

Not in the Flesh, Ruth Rendell

      Now this, more recent Wexford I really enjoyed - despite the fact that it contains two of those unlikely characters that I am certain you find only in mystery fiction, the person who plays games with the police and acts all weird and charming.  I believe that there are people who act surly with the police, and even more people who are helpful, but not people who are bizarrely cutesy and fake - and if they are, I suspect they find themselves under arrest.*  But despite that, this is a pretty entertaining mystery, with an interesting opening (a man finds a body in an abandoned lot, and the police need to figure out who it is), some good characters, a reasonably clever ending, and Wexford and Burden acting like clever policemen, not buffoons.  Great fun.

     *Which SPOILER, is basically what happens here. I mean, I get what Rendell was trying to do with the characters, but they (the two wives of the author whose name just escaped me) were so so weird, that they might have been named “criminal one” and “criminal two”

Date/Place Completed: January 2010

Categories: Ruth Rendell Project

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