2010: 26. A Great Deliverance

“It was a solecism of the very worst kind.  He sneezed loudly, wetly, and quite unforgivably into the woman’s face.”

A Great Deliverance, Elizabeth George

I’d seen the television version of this one, and thus had put off reading the original (especially since I’m only a so-so Lynley fan anyway), but I went through a bit of a comfort mystery in the bathtub phase in March (it made a nice break from all the morning-sickness puking I was doing around then), and so I picked it up.  And it’s pretty good.  In fact, I generally find that I enjoy George more than I think I will, once I get going -it’s just that I don’t love Lynley himself that much.  He should be right in my wheelhouse - lord knows I’d leave my husband for Lord Peter (sorry, babe!!) - but frankly I think he’s a douchy twerp.  I much prefer poor old plebeian Havers, bad attitude ugly clothing and all.  But once I decided that it was o.k. not to adore my hero (even if the author clearly does), I enjoyed the mystery for what it was.  And this is a doozy - it’s set in remote Yorkshire, where a young girl is found, in a barn, with her dead father’s headless body on her lap.  Made a hell of a visual for the t.v. movie, let me tell you.  And the mystery is nice and twisty and turn-y, but in the cosy tradition, and the solution satisfied - even if I had seen the show so I knew whodunnit early on, and I think any modern mystery reader would enjoy this one.

Date/Place Completed: March 2010; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction; Mystery

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