2010: 27. Poirot Loses A Client

“Miss Arundell died on May 1st.”

Poirot Loses a Client, Agatha Christie

Somehow, when I was doing my big blog related re-read of all the Christie novels, I managed to skip this one.  Which is to say, I’ve read it a number of times before, but it never made it to the blog, so I did a quick re-read for the sake of completeness, and now I’ve blogged about all of the Christie writing as Christie books, and only two Mary Westmacott’s stand between me and the completion of the Christie project.  Mwa-ha-ha!!

This is a perfectly adequate Poirot novel.  He and Hastings receive a letter from an old lady who suspects she will be murdered, but because the mail goes astray they don’t receive the letter until after she has died, supposedly of natural causes.  Poirot is (SPOILER, rightly) suspicious, and starts to investigate.  And it’s a nice little cozy mystery, with some classic Christie elements (the handsome rotter, the flighty companion, the doctor who needs money to go into research), and some other elements (a spiritualism angle, a super cute pet dog who really is the star of the show).  If you like Christie, you’ll probably like this, but if you haven’t read her before, and read this, I don’t think you’ll quite get what all the fuss is about. 

Date/Place Completed: March 2010; D.C.

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