2010: 34. Playing for the Ashes

“Chris has taken the dogs for a run along the canal.”

Playing For the Ashes, Elizabeth George

This is another George that I only read after having seen the TV movie, and, quite frankly, the two have sort of blurred in my mind.  Which isn’t to say that this isn’t a fine mystery  - it is, a quite well done story about a famous cricket player who is the victim of arson - or is it murder? There are lots of good suspects, and fine twists, and well done characters, and all that.  It’s just that, for whatever reason, while the Lynley mysteries are nice relaxing comfort reads for me, they don’t really stick out in my mind.  Which is actually quite unfair - believe me, there are a lot more crappy mystery writers than perfectly competent, quite entertaining mystery writers, but, alas, there you are.

Date/Place Completed: Dunno - maybe April? March? 2010; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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