2010: 38. A Question of Blood

“‘There’s no mystery,’ Detective Sergeant Siobhan Clarke said. ‘Herdman lost his marbles, that’s all.’”

A Question of Blood, Ian Rankin

      I can’t remember if I’ve ever read an Inspector Rebus book before. I know I read at least one other Rankin (Witch Hunt) but this is the series for which he is really famous, and I think this is my first exposure to it.  And I thought it was fine.  Rebus is an angry Scottish cop, who, as the book opens is injured in a fire, and under suspicion of possibly killing his partner’s stalker.  The two of them investigate a school shooting at a local posh private school, while trying to stay one step ahead of Rebus’s internal affairs investigation.  

     It’s a fine book - it is a little bit too much in the hard boiled, shoot ‘em up, angry bitter cop vein for me, but the actual mystery was pretty compelling, and I think I need to give Rebus another shot before I decided definitively whether or not he’s for me.

Date/Place Completed:  March 2010; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction 

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