2010. 48. Good in Bed

“Have you seen it?” asked Samantha.

Good in Bed, Jennifer Weiner

     This is the second novel by Weiner that I’ve read (though I think it was her first), and I enjoyed it.  And I feel, generally the same way about this book than I did about In Her Shoes, which is that these are very enjoyable novels that are better than their pink-shoed cross-legged covers (which scream “chick lit”) would let you know.  There’s been a lot of talk lately about the ghettoization of fiction written by women (some of it by Weiner herself), and how their writing is marginalized by critics as compared to the wild young men of fiction.  I’m not saying that they write the same kind of novels - just that they each write valid fiction and that the women should get some props, too.

        Anyway, this novel starts with a killer premise - a woman who recently broke up with her boyfriend of years opens a Cosmo-like magazine to find that he has been hired as the “man’s columnist” and that he has written about her.  All her secrets - all her most private thoughts are out there for the world (even under a pseudonym), and as she tries to deal with the fallout of this, their breakup and other issues that arise in her life.  Plus, she’s zaftig, which is always nice in a heroine.  The book is heartfelt, and made me cry, and I went out and read a whole more Weiner as a result, and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot more than I have enjoyed some of the more recent works of the bad boys of modern fiction.

Date/Place Completed:  July 2010, D.C.

Categories:  Fiction

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