2010. 49. Horns

“Ignatius Martin Parrish spent the night drunk and doing terrible things.”

Horns, Joe Hill

       Oh, I loved this book.  This is the third Hill I’ve read, and while I liked the others (that would be Heart-Shaped Box and 20th Century Ghosts) this is in a whole new league.  It’s the story of Iggy Parrish, who was a bright young man with his future ahead of him, until his girlfriend was brutally murdered.  Now he lives (such as his life is) in the small town he grew up in, despite the fact that everyone (and I mean, everyone) thinks that he did it, and his rich parents bought him his freedom.  He didn’t, as a point of fact, but Merrin’s death has destroyed him, and he is a lost soul.  Until he night before the story begins, when, as the first line suggests, he gets drunk and does “terrible things” and wakes up with, well, horns.  And the ability to hear what people are thinking,* and things go off from there.

         And yes, it is a horror novel, I guess, but more than that the book is funny and sad and human, and sacreligious, but also quite spiritual. I wasn’t scared so much as touched by what Iggy goes through.  Which is not to say that this a book to give your grandmother - it is dark, and blasphemous, and twisted in parts - but in other parts funny and sweet and uplifting.  And if you can handle all that, I couldn’t put it down, and I want to read more Hill - especially this type of Hill.**

*At first, I thought it was bit much that everything he heard was so terrible - but then I realized he actually hears people’s worst thoughts, and then it made sense.

**And, this is the first book by Hill that I didn’t compare mentally to Stephen King - it just didn’t sit in the same place for me (unless perhaps you’re talking about Different Seasons - or some of his other not really horror stuff).

Date/Place Completed:  July 2010; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction, Library Book

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