2010: 5. Eye Contact

“‘Kevin is fine,” Miss Lattimore, their fifth-grade teacher told them.”

Eye Contact, Cammie McGovern

      This was pretty good for a random book that some one gave me, and that I read merely because it was on my “M” shelf.  It is a mystery, of sorts, and also a novel about raising a child with special needs, and it manages to do both reasonably well, being both a clever mystery and a non-soppy or tear-jerking look at raising an autistic child.  Cara is a single mother raising an autistic son, who is called to the school one day when he has gone missing.  At first they think he’s just wandered off (he’s done it before), but it’s worse than that - another child is missing, and they find her son, Adam, with the dead body.  Now Adam is the only one who can help them solve the crime, but the details are locked away in Adam’s head. 

        As I said, the book nicely show us about autism, without being either too clinical or too sentimental or tugging too much on our heartstrings, and it also sets up a good mystery - both of the horrible murder, but also a second mystery of Cara’s own past, and of Adam himself and just what he is capable of understanding.  I enjoyed this more than I’d expected, and would look forward to reading more of McGovern’s work.

Date/Place Completed:  January 2010; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction

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