2010: 60. The Third Angel

“Madeline Heller knew she was reckless.”

The Third Angel, Alice Hoffman

      This is an inoffensive novel in the literary chick lit genre, that is lyrically written and that I quite enjoyed reading - and even cried at one point, so I give Hoffman credit for being able to tug at the heartstrings, but the more I think about it, the more I think it doesn’t really hold together.  The premise is that it is about three women, all in love with the wrong man, and that, in the end we find that their stories are all sort of intertwined - and all tied up in one shabby London hotel.  And the individual stories were quite good, the characters interesting and compelling and all that - it’s just that the premise itself - that these random women were all tied together didn’t do much for me.  If it had been about three random women who all came to the hotel, I think it would have worked better, but the sort of random part where one girl’s sister’s mother in law was in one story, and her quasi-aunt was in another just didn’t seem to add anything, and it made the novel seem sort of hokey.  But if you ignore that part, it’s a decent read, especially if you like stories about women in love.

Date/Place Completed: August 2010; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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