2010: 67. Changing My Mind

"When I was fourteen I was given Their Eyes Were Watching God by my mother.  I was reluctant to read it."

Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays, Zadie Smith

      I have been so enjoying The New York Review of Books lately, that when I went to the library I sought out a book of essays, to continue in the same vein.  This new collection of essays by Smith (of White Teeth and On Beauty fame), hit the spot - even if I had, ironically, already read a number of the most interesting essays in The New York Review of Books.  Oh, the circle of life.

      Anyway, the essays are largely on literary topics, with some forays into her family life and a great collection of essays on a year she spent watching movies for The Guardian.  Some of the essays were a little highbrow for me - one on the future of the novel (realistic descriptions of people’s emotions versus post modern games, I think, though the whole thing was a little cloudy to me), and one on David Foster Wallace, both of which left me a little cold.  But in general, Zadie Smith is a great writer, and her essays are as interesting as her fiction, especially if you, like me, are currently craving literary fiction.  

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*Since I am so far behind in my blogging that I can never remember when I finish anything, I am abandoning the “Date/Place Completed” category, which had become mere fiction.

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