2010: 75. Nobody's Perfect 

“You are holding a hunk of old journalism.”

Nobody’s Perfect: Writings From the New Yorker, Anthony Lane

       I love reading (and even re-reading) collections of reviews.  Even if I’ve never read or seen the material reviewed (a la the ancient reviews in the Collected Dorothy Parker), there is something satisfying in reading a good critic either go after or praise a work, whether it be books, film, or stage.  So, while Lane might characterize his book as “old journalism” I found it a total delight to read his writings from The New Yorker.  They are a mix of film reviews, book reviews/literary pieces, and random longer features, but I found them to be a delight to read (well, to re-read), even when I totally disagreed with his opinion.  I don’t have much to say about the book - it’s a collection of reviews, after all, and beyond telling you that the writing is sharp, and New Yorker-y, I think you’ll know what to expect, but I enjoyed reading it quite a bit.

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