2010: 76. The Guinea Pig Diaries

"Over the years, I've gotten a lot of suggestions."

The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment, A.J. Jacobs

        A.J. Jacobs wrote The Know It All, in which he wrote about about how he read the entire Encylopedia Britannica (which I read), and A Year of Living Biblically, in which he wrote a book about a year in which he lived all the precepts of the Bible - or possibly the Torah (which I did not).  As a result, he became the go-to guy for life stunts, and in this book, he does a whole bunch of shorter term life stunts, and writes a book about that.  Some of the examples include living his life according to George Washington’s precepts, living his life according to pure logic, outsourcing his entire life to India, and, my personal favorite, doing everything his wife tells him to.  It’s gimmicky, sure, but Jacobs is a funny writer, so he pulls it off - it’s amusing to read about the trials and tribulations of his schemes, and he even throws in a couple of life lessons along the way.  Books like this aren’t going to change the world, and they certainly don’t demand too much of me, but they are enjoyable ways to pass the time.  Light reading, sure, but an enjoyable addition to the list of easy reads I plowed through in the first few weeks of maternity leave. 

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