2010: 82. The Murder Room

"The profiler would not shake hands with the priest."

The Murder Room, Michael Capuzzo

This book was a huge disappointment. It has such a great premise - the real life story of a group of criminal experts who meet every year and solve cold cases, with astounding success rates.  And this really happens - the Vidocq society exists, and really solves crimes, and I suspect the three men who are profiled here as the center of the society are absolutely fascinating people.  Unfortunately, this is one of the worst written books I have literally ever read.  The prose is purple where it isn’t incoherent, so much so that I am hard pressed to really give you any details of the society, what crimes they have actually solved, and what their true accomplishments are.  Such a disappointment, because it seems like a really extraordinary group of people, and solving cold cases is always super interesting.  What I’d really like is to read another book about them - even a workmanlike prose would be an improvement over this hot mess.

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