2010: 83. Suite Scarlett

“The Hopewell has been a family-run institution in the Upper East Side for over seventy-five years."

Suite Scarlett, Maureen Johnson

       This, on the other hand, was perfectly charming.  A young adult book set in a family run New York hotel that was once an art deco gem, but now is slowly going to seed, it tells Scarlett’s story, as she spends a summer working in the family hotel, dealing with a particularly troublesome client, and generally growing up.  There are scrapes and adventures, and a bit of a love story, but mostly its about Scarlett figuring out her place in the world and growing up.  Loved reading it, and loved Scarlett - she is smart and funny, but not perfect, and thus fun to read about.  The book is a gem, and I am super excited to learn that there is a sequel.  

Categories:  Fiction, Young Adult

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