2010: 86. The Lake of Darkness

“Scorpio is metaphysics, putrefaction and death, regeneration, passion, lust and violence, insight and profundity; inheritance, loss, occultism, astrology, borrowing and lending, others’ possessions.”

The Lake of Darkness, Ruth Rendell

        Another stand-alone Rendell about people whose lives intersect in seemingly random ways, leading, ultimately, to murder.  Martin Urban is an accountant who wins 100,000 pounds in the football pools, and decides to use it helping people in need.  Finn is a sociopath, who has committed at least one murder for hire, and one for fun.  Their paths cross, and mayhem ensues.  Again, it’s not your typical murder mystery, with a death in chapter one, and a solution in the last few pages, but a typical Rendell delving into the ways that random chance, and a little bit of evil (or a person without normal human emotion) can lead to death and destruction.  If you like Rendell (and I do - I prefer her more “normal” books, but I like the way she writes), you’ll like it, and if you prefer your mysteries less cozy and more bleak, you’d probably like it too. 

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