2010. 98. Busman's Honeymoon

“My dear Honoria,

So Peter is really married.  I have ordered willow-wreaths for half my acquaintances.”

Busman’s Holiday, Dorothy Sayers

         A quick word before I get going.  I just wanted to admit that I know the blog has been total crap lately. I’m about 100 books (well, a good 20) behind, and most of the writing lately is of the “well, I liked this” variety.  My thoughts are pretty disjointed, and I am barely grammatically accurate.  The GOOD news is that no one* at all reads my blog, but just in case you DO, I want to apologize.  I am hopeful that my sons will start to sleep soon, and I will feel less like a zombie and more like a blogger, but in the interim, I want to keep my book list going, so we’ll have to muddle through some how (as they say this time of year).

        Ok, turning back to the book at hand, I love this book.  I am an unabashed Lord Peter Wimsey fangirl, anyway, and this book goes one further than being more about his marriage and honeymoon than about the murder itself. Love.  I mean, in real life, Lord Peter is sort of a neurotic wreck, but on the page, j’adore.  I’ve read this easily 6 or 7 times, and I have every intention of reading it again and again.  The only Lord Peter novel I like more than this is Gaudy Night, which is one of my favorite books of all time.  Peter and Harriet (sigh, he married a bookish nerd - just! like! me!), get married and then sneak off to the countryside to have a quiet honeymoon, only to find a body in the basement.  And yes, they solve the murder, but really, they navigate the first days of their marriage, and I love it.  If you like eggheady romances you’ll like this even if you don’t like mysteries, I think, and if you like both, how could you not have already read all the Sayers books?

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*Seriously, not even my husband.  Not even my MOM reads my blog.

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