2011: 15. Scarlett Fever


“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t” Hamlet at the Hopewell Hotel.”

Scarlett Fever, Maureen Johnson

         This is the sequel to Suite Scarlett and just as charming and fun to read as the first.  Again, Scarlett Martin is a high school student who lives in a dilapidated hotel in New York.  Again, she is balancing the competing demands of trying to help keep her family’s fortune afloat and dealing with her family’s many crazy issues (her brother the actor, her sister’s love life) while trying to figure out her own issues.  I like these books because I like Scarlett and her issues are both zany/unusual (and thus interesting) and yet credible, at least in a YA wish fulfillment sort of way.  My only quibble with the book is that it hangs on such a cliffhanger that you have no chance but to get the next book.  Which duh, I would anyway, but it feels a little cheap.  But, on the other hand, who am I to complain about getting more Scarlett?

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