2011: 19. Where There's A Will

“I put the 1938-39 edition of Who’s Who in America, open, on the leaf of my desk, because it was getting too heavy to hold on a hot day.”

Where There’s a Will, Rex Stout

        This was my first Nero Wolfe, and now I want to read a whole bunch more.  I’d actually bought this a long long time ago, because the premise on the back sounded so interesting, and had never quite read it until now.  And while it’s not quite in the upper pantheon of mysteries, it was a snappy fun read, and I quite liked Nero and Archie.  So more Nero Wolfe for me.

        But first, that premise, quoted verbatim from the back of the book:

“In one room of the old mansion a veiled woman screamed hysterically that she knew who had murdered Noel Hawthorne, her husband.

At the same moment in a room below, another woman, veiled, and identically dressed, quietly discussed the provisions of her will of her late husband, Noel Hawthorne, with his former mistress.

Obviously, one woman was an impostor.  The other would soon be a corpse.”

       Wow, right?  And that’s not even getting into the fabulous Hawthorne sisters, the scandalous will, and Nero Wolfe himself.

       My only quibble is that the set-up is so fantastic- veiled women, scheming mistresses, and such, that the solution can only be anti-climactic.  But still, the characters were so fun that it was totally worth it.

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