2011: 35. Grave Mistake

“Bring me,” sang the ladies of Upper Quentin, “my Bow of Burning Gold.”

Grave Mistake, Ngaio Marsh

          So I haven’t read any Marsh for a long time (I read about a billion in late 2007-2008), but I picked up this one up used, and I remembered how good she is when she is good.  I think some time that I’d like to do a Ngaio Marsh projects (a la my almost finished Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell and P.D. James projects), but with the caveat (as I’ve said before), that when she is good, she is very good, but when she is bad, she is horrid.  Her good mysteries are just great, but she has written some super, super boring clunkers.  So I feel like the whole list might be “this is good Alleyn” and this is bad “Alleyn,” so I might become tiresome.  Food for thought.

           Anyway, this novel is about the murder of a pampered rich lady, who unexpectedly dies, and it is very much in the Christie, “everyone could have killed her vein,” but it has all these great characters, and it was so fun to read about them.  Definitely a good Marsh, and it has a decent solution, too.

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