2011: 39. Throwing Shadows

“My dad is Hixon of Hixon’s Landing, the fishing camp down the intracoastal waterway just across Highway A1A.”

Throwing Shadows, E.L. Konigsburg

         Konigsburg was one of my favorite authors growing up, and her books absolutely stand up to re-reading.  Everyone knows The Mixed Up Files..., which is a grand book, but her other books are just as great - A Proud Taste For Scarlet and Miniver, The Second Mrs. Giaconda, Father’s Arcane Daughter, Up From Jerico Tel - they are funny and interesting, and also a little cool and weird, and I love, love them. 

          This is a collection of five short stories (“On Shark’s Tooth Beach” “The Catchee” “In the Village of the Weavers” “At The Home” and “With Bert and Ray”), all filled with classic Konigsburg protagonists, slightly cool characters (all kids, of course), who warm up a bit and learn a little.  My favorite is “At The Home”, about the young man with a broken arm who learns from some older people, but manages not to be sappy at all, but the others are great too, and it’s a grand little collection.  One might even argue that they aren’t necessarily short stories for kids and wouldn’t really be out of place in a collection for adults.  She is just grand.

Categories: Fiction, Short Stories

PS - I just saw a picture of Konigsburg, and am totally shocked to see that she looks young(ish) and pretty - I was expecting that she would look exactly like Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  Good for her (and silly of me!)

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