2011: 42. My Booky Wooky II

"Fame was bequeathed to me by the lips of an angel."

My Booky Wook II: This Time It’s Personal, Russell Brand

       Part of me cannot even believe that I actually read this book (and, you guys, I read it so, so, so long ago.  I am so behind on my blogging, and this was a library book that I returned, so I forgot that I read it).   The thing is, there was a time last spring when I inexplicably went through a Russell Brand phase.  I know, but, here’s how it went.  My folks were in town, and they were watching the kids, and I decided, that damnit, I wanted to go to the movies (cause I hadn’t been for so, so long.  It just makes no economic sense to go to a movie when you have kids, in the world of Netflix and Redbox*).  So we schlepped down the hill to M Street, and ate a late lunch and walked over to the movie theater.  And for the first time in my life I decided to see whatever was playing next – and that happened to be the Russell Brand remake of Arthur.  So, we are the two people who saw it, and now you know. 

        And, yeah, it was a floperoo, but really, it wasn’t that bad.  I never saw the original, so I wasn’t outraged by its mere existence, and whatever, Brand is funny.  So that lead to Get Him to the Greek (started out good but ended up too gross to really be funny), and that led to a stand up special on Netflix watch it now (part of a stand up spiral we were in for a while there),** and that is why, when I was in the library I picked up his book.  It’s actually his second book, I guess.  I just was in a Brand giggle loop and couldn’t break free. 

        But the thing is, it’s a bit dim to read his book, but whatever, it was pretty funny too. I know some people are not big Brand fans, but I guess I like him.  He’s in on the joke of his persona, he cleaned up from a terrible addiction, and, if he wrote his book, he’s a pretty good writer.  Smarter than he seems, with the skinny pants dirty rockstar sex addict thing.  I’m not running out to get his first book – there is only so much first person Hollywood memoir I care about, but I liked this well enough.  So, forget it – I take back all my excuses above. I am an unapologetic Brand fan.  I like him, and I hope his next movie does better box office.

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*Because, first of all, two tickets to a movie is about $28.00, and you need to get a babysitter for at least three hours, and if, god forbid you want a meal, too, you’re looking at least $100.  And really, what movie is worth that? But when you have free babysitters…

** No worries, we are back to our old selves and mostly watching The American Experience and Battlestar Galactica


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