2011: 44-47. The Melendy Series

“It would have to rain today,” said Rush, lying flat on his back in front of  the fire. “On a Saturday.  Certainly.  Naturally.  Of Course.”

The Saturdays

The Four Story Mistake

And Then There Were Five

Spiderweb For Two, Elizabeth Enright

As I have surely mentioned before, the Melendy series of children’s books by Elizabeth Enright are some of my very favorite books ever.  They are the story of four siblings (Mona, Rush, Randy, and Oliver), their father, their housekeeper/nanny/adoptive grandmother, Cuffy, and all their adventures - first in New York City, and then in their new house in the country.  This sounds pretty simple, but they are written so charmingly and realistically - but still entertainingly, and I just love, love them.  I hadn’t even meant to re-read the series, but the baby pulled all these YA books off the shelf, and I got distracted in reshelving, and, so, anticipate a lot more YA on the blog, but also, consider reading these.  They are homey, and funny, and there are lovely little mysteries (like, sigh, the hidden room they find, which is basically my life’s dream).  If I had to pick a favorite, it would be The Four Story Mistake, since moving to a ramshackle house in the country is basically my life dream, but they are all pretty rad.  And the illustrations, which Enright did her self, are pretty fab, too. 

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