2011: 48. Faithful Place

“In all your life, only a few moments matter.”

Faithful Place, Tana French

        French just keeps getting better and better.  This is her third mystery, and I like each one more than the last.*  While her first two books had either unsatisfying endings or improbably coincidences, this is just a straight up heartbreaking mystery story.  French manages to use genre elements and combine them with real life, so you not only get a satisfying whodunnit/what happened, but you also think about what the real life implications of the actions would be.  She’s so great - in the league with the best mystery writers, and, really literary fiction writers, too.

        Again, French takes a minor character from a previous book and spins them off into their own story.  Here we have Frank Lackey, head of the undercover unit, who we met in The Likeness.  He left home at a young age, and turned away from his horrible family and grinding poverty, only to be dragged back in when the body of his first love (who he thought had abandoned him) is found in an abandoned building.  From there is a mystery and a story of a fractured family, and if the mystery is, perhaps, a tiny bit too much at times,** the story of a broken family is totally real, and heartbreaking.  

Categories:  Fiction, Mystery

*Speaking of which, my book blog is clearly off, because I know I read The Likeness, not just In the Woods, but I can’t find a record of it.  Not like me!! And I liked The Likeness better, too. 

** MEGA SPOILER - it was bad enough that one brother was the murderer - to have the other get murdered is a bridge too far, me thinks.

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