2011: 51. The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Vol. II

“Somehow, it is with a curious feeling of reluctance that I begin this new volume of my journal.”

The Selected Journals of LM Montgomery, Vol. II, L.M. Montgomery

My friend Liz (the only person who reads this blog!) lent me this book, having seen my review of Vol. I on Goodreads (where I should be doing more cross-posting, instead of writing into the void here, but I can barely even manage this, so that will have to be in my to-do pile for now).  It was so kind of her - her mom had bought it on a trip to PEI, and its a hard book to find, and I very shamefully dawdled in reading it, mostly because Vol. I had been so damned sad that I was too chicken to girl my loins and just read it, already.  But I finally did, and I am so glad, because I not only loved it, but it rekindled an old love affair with Maud, and I have been on a major re-reading tear.  And yes, it was sad - her life was sad, and she had a hard time (and now, we know, eventually lost her struggle with depression).  But it was so interesting to see her life - both from a historical perspective (i.e., what is was like to live through those times) and as a fan - to watch her writing the books I’ve loved, and that, finally, I am grown up enough to admit to without classifying it a guilty pleasure.  She’s not Shakespeare - but I grew up with Anne, and Emily, and Valancy, and I do love her stories. Indeed, my only complaint with the book is that that I wished she wrote more about her creative process - why she wrote what she did. 

I want to buy myself a copy - and I think you all should be prepared for a lot of Montgomery in the coming months.  Lovely.  Sad, but lovely.  

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