2011: 62. Anne of the Island

Anne of the Island, L.M. Montgomery

“ ‘Harvest is ended and summer is gone,’ quoted* Anne Shirley, gazing across the shorn fields dreamily.”

This is probably the best Anne book (well, maybe Rilla is better, but that’s barely an Anne book at all).  All the awesome things happen in it.  Anne goes to college - awesome.  Awesome that she goes and gets educated, awesome that we get to read about turn of the century college (like in Daddy Long Legs, another super awesome book).  She meets all sorts of new friends who are more kindred spirits than poor dim Diana Barry - Priscilla, Stella, Aunt Jimsie, and, of course, Phillipa Gordon, who is a frivolous love, with her Alec and Alonzo’s and her Jonah. We get to live in Patty’s Place (never forget, Gog looks to the left, and Magog to the right).  Anne goes and visits the house her parents lived in, which is about the only reference to her pre-Green Gables life as an orphan that we get in these books (except for her naming her kids - her best kids - after her parents).

But that is all just the secondary stuff.  This is the best Anne book because this is the one where she FINALLY realizes she loves Gilbert.  And oh, it is so swoony, with she thinking he’s in love with Christine Stuart, and Anne almost gets herself engaged to Roy Gardiner, and oh, the little pink enamel heart, and FINALLY, it takes Gilbert almost dying for Anne to put it together that, uh doy, she and Gil are lobsters.  But it’s so good when it happens.  LOVE it. 

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*P.S. the quote Anne is quoting is from the Bible - I looked it up

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