2011: 64. Anne of Windy Poplars

Anne of Windy Poplars

“Windy Poplars,

Spook’s Lane

S’side, P.E.I.

Monday, September 12th


Isn’t that an address! Did you ever hear anything so delicious?”

Anne of Windy Poplars, L.M. Montgomery

Windy Poplars (known as Windy Willows in Canada!) is fourth chronologically in the Anne series, but one of the last written, late in Montgomery’s life, on a publishers insistence.  It fills in what happened to Anne in the years Gilbert was studying medicine - she worked as a principle in a high school in Somerside, P.E.I.  I know she wasn’t thrilled about it, but I love it nonetheless.  There are so many great characters (even if we practically never see them again) - Rebecca Dew, Katherine Brooke, Little Elizabeth - and, of course, the cursed Pringles, who just will not like Anne no matter how hard she tries (until she finally bests them!).*  If I had to quibble, it would be that Montgomery purposely cut all the mushy parts from Anne’s letters to Gil (that’s right, most of the book is epistolary), and so there is almost no kissing.  But still, I think it’s great fun.  

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*The book also contains the minor minor character that I love the most, though she barely seems to fit in the Anne world, Miss Minerva Tomgallon (what a name) and her creepy old house and her gothic stories   It’s like Miss Havisham come to life!**

**Well, if it was real. I guess its like, Miss Havisham, come to a Montgomery book.

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