2011: 8. Point Counter Point

“‘You won’t be late?’ There was anxiety in Marjorie Crowley’s voice, there was something like entreaty.”

Point Counter Point, Aldous Huxley

        Ok, no.  Sorry Modern Library.  Not buying what you’re selling.  This book is no way no how one of the top 100 novels.  Or rather, it’s not better than many, many classic that didn’t make the list.  Not to beat a dead horse, but, srsly?

         Look, I get why Brave New World was on the list.  It’s a classic of satire and dystopia.  But this is just boring one off Waugh - with out the satiric bite.  Its a slice of life of 1930’s England, with a whole bunch of characters weaving in and out of each others lives (the counterpoint, if you will), but we never care about any of the characters - indeed, it’s hard to keep them straight - and it goes on for a while and then it just ends.  Actually, that’s a bit unfair.  It’s more like, boring pages where nothing happens, and then a big burst of energy when exciting things happen, and then its all boring again. The only fun part is the roman a clef bit, where you can be all “oh this character is Oswald Mosely*” and “these two are D.H. Lawrence and his wife.”**

        So, not really a fan, is what I’m saying.  I mean, I didn’t hate it, like I hated, say Tobacco Road, I just don’t get what would possibly make you put this on a list of the century’s greatest novels. 

Except allegedly it isn’t, though it REALLY seems like him

** And even that sucks, because it makes Lawrence seem like a hero instead of batshit bonkers like he was.  

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