2011: 9. The Gyrth Chalice Mystery

“‘If you’ll accept this, sir.’ said the policeman, pressing a shilling into the down-and-out’s hand, ‘you’ll have visible means of support and I shan’t have to take you along.”

The Gyrth Chalice Mystery, Margery Allingham

        This is honestly a pretty silly mystery novel.  I get this book catalogue, Bas Bleu, which is always trying to push Allingham as “as good as Christie” (they are of the same era).  In fact, the latest blurb went on and on about how the fun in following a series is how the detective deepens and blah blah.  That may be true - this is only the second of her books that I’ve read* - but this one, at least, is pure fluff.

      Anyway, it involves her detective, the pseudonymous Mr. Campion (though with LOTS of hints that he is to the manor born), who continues to act like a blithering fool while actually being a super sleuth.  This time he’s working to defend the famous Gyrth chalice, a mystical cup maintained by one family upon which the honor of England depends, or some such foolishness.  If I’m to be honest, the actual murder parts of the mystery were pretty decent - I just couldn’t quite get behind the part about the ancient family that were the guardians of the magical cup, so I rate this one a dud. 

Categories:  Fiction, mystery

*Not technically true - there is a third one that I’ve been about thirty pages into for about two years, which I guess is a judgement of a sort. 

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