2014: 106. The Rose and the Yew Tree

The Rose and the Yew Tree, Agatha Christie writing as Mary Westmacott

"I was in Paris when Parfitt, my man, came to me and said that a lady had called to see me."

What better way to end my 2014 blogging than with the actual completion of one of my blog projects!  Yes, it's taken seven (!) years, but I actually have finally read and blogged about everything Agatha Christie has written (N.B., if you are reading this as it's published, I haven't copied all my archives over yet, so some of the blog posts aren't yet available.  But they are there, I swear).  There may be some like, emphemera that gets published in the future (a la the new Poirot pastiches coming out, or like, her published notebooks), but I've read everything she wrote and published in her lifetime.  So there.

Anyway, this is sort of a bummer to end on, because it's not a great book.  All together I haven't loved the Agatha writing romances as Mary Westmacott.  Except for the one about the nasty wife who we realize has ruined her family through her selfishness (I think that's Absent in the Spring, but am too lazy to follow through), they are pretty boring.  Turns out, as much as the romances and such make great background in the mysteries, by themselves they are overwrought.  This one is about Hugh Norreys.  Crippled in the war, he gets involved with local politics, where he meets John Gabriel, the self-serving, fascinating war hero who is trying to get elected MP.  Everyone loves him, but Norreys soon learns that he's not what he seems - but its too late. He has captured the heart of a local beauty and is determined to have her, even if it ruins both of their lives . . . 

Blah blah blah.  An overwrought plot for sure.  Its readable - almost everything she writes is readable (I'm looking at you Passenger to Frankfurt). But I think you'd have to be a superfan or a completist to seek this one out, with all the other better books in the world to read (many written by Agatha herself!).

Still, clever me for finishing the project!!

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